Bert HellingerBert Hellinger, a former priest and missionary to the Zulu in South Africa for 16 years, as well as an educator, psychoanalyst, group dynamic expert and family therapist, he brings vast and diverse experience to his work. Helping professionals everywhere have embraced the new possibilities that this innovative approach offer to their work. The family constellations, which have become the hallmark of Hellinger's approach, as well as his observations about – and insights into – family entanglements and their resolution, have touched the lives of thousands throughout the world.

Bert Hellinger has written more than 70 books, many of them available in other languages, 27 languages so far, including Arabic and Chinese. He is a philosopher in this own right and a teacher of wisdom as his late books testify.

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Sofie Hellinger

Marie Sophie Hellinger is a doctor, she was director of the Department of
Psychology at the Center for Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda for 14 years. Formed
in hypnotherapy, NLP, TAO Healing and Color Therapy. She has broad experience in Family Constellations. She is one of the best specialists in Constellation work with children. She gives workshops across Europe and America.



About Bert Hellinger

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